Lt. Horatio Caine Sinks a Three for Justice

14 10 2010

Like most Real Americans, I spend my Sunday nights watching CSI: Miami, the top procedural crime drama on television. It’s particularly great because of the exceedingly clever and highbrow line readings of star David Caruso, who plays Lt. Horatio Caine.

In this season’s premiere, Caruso validated my love of the show by displaying his own love of basketball. He initially sizes up the shot like he’s never seen a basketball before, but that form doesn’t lie. This is a man who knows his way around a court, even in an all-black suit. Plus, Horatio Caine doesn’t miss shots “for Jesse,” who apparently really loved basketball played with no defense.

The only bad thing about this scene is that it took place at the end of the episode rather than the beginning, where Caruso could have rattled off an awesome pun as he took off his sunglasses. But all is not lost. There are plenty of opportunities for awesome basketball openings for future episodes. Here are just a few possibilities:

1. Bald Guy: Looks like he was shot in the middle of a basketball game.

Horatio Caine: He crossed over … to the other side.

The Who: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

2. Bald Guy: He was bludgeoned in the head with a 20-lb weight.

Horatio Caine: That’s what I call … a flagrant foul.

The Who: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

3. Bald Guy: There’s a trail of blood from the court to this parking space.

Horatio Caine: Someone just got whistled … for a double-dribble.

The Who: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

4. Bald Guy: The victim was the biggest star in the NBA. He’d just signed with the local team.

Horatio Caine: Looks like someone exercisedhis early termination option.

The Who: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

5. Bald Guy: This gym fire is the fifth case of arson in this area in the last three months.

Horatio Caine: Sounds like someone … has the hot hand.

The Who: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!




10 responses

14 10 2010

I would have used an NBA Jam reference for the arson one, but otherwise it’s a solid list.

14 10 2010
Eric Freeman

I originally had “he’s on fire” but it was a little awkward.

14 10 2010

My favorite part of that clip was that it was blatantly filmed in Long Beach, California.

14 10 2010

Over/under on takes it took to get the shot?

I say 137.5.

14 10 2010

Bald Guy: There’s a note pinned to his chest…it says ‘from the fans of Cleveland.’

Horatio Caine: Sounds like someone … made the wrong Decision.

The Who: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

14 10 2010

Yes!!! That’s a great one.

14 10 2010

Alternate arson line.

Horatio Caine: Looks like he baked before he shaked.


14 10 2010

over the line caruso! that’s a 2!

14 10 2010
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[…] Lt. Horatio Caine Sinks a Three for Justice Like most Real Americans, I spend my Sunday nights watching CSI: Miami, the top procedural crime drama on television. […] […]

15 10 2010

Bald guy: It looks like the body’s genitalia has been mutilated…
Horatio: Now that’s what I call… a loose ball foul….

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